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Nov. 14, 2022 Nov. 14, 2022
Technologies :

MasirYar is a platform in purpose of navigating indoor position that has capability to get rid of GPS limitations for navigating through apartments. One of the most outstanding features included is BLE which helps you take advantage of MasirYar even if you have weak signal hence you would always have better connection this platform also offers you more accuracy and this is the result of its hardware and algorithm implementations that let you have the location in 1 to less than 4 meter. navigational platforms based on BLE protocol has been heavily taken into consideration as consequence of being cheaper, easier to be installed and restrained and availability of related tools. The project ordered by Hamrah Aval Company and developed with AyandUp Company collaborations as supervisor.

Location Access Control : 1.Location permissions, 2.Alert when guest or not permitted people enter prohibited places, 3.Locks and obstacles can be assigned, 4.Preventing tools and instruments from taking out of special places illegal using of machines Counting the tools and staff in entrance and exit accurately

Analyzing data and pavement process 1.Report of process and path that customers paved and even amount of hesitations. 2.Report of paved paths for staff and tools 3.Observing the Support Service team 4.Finding out crowded zones 5.Optimizing staff seats 6.Optimizing sources

Guest Immediate Observation: 1.Staff momentary location awareness 2.Guest location awareness 3.Navigation for guests 4.Momentary observation of vital properties Environmental Considerations: 1.Taking care of hygiene and health in official environments and rooms 2.Regarding the temperature and moisture

Locational Services in repository management: 1.Stuff momentary observation 2.Awareness of immediate location of items 3.Fast Transformation of goods based on customized filters 4.Tracking the goods in entrance and exit also taking auto counting items 5.Finding the best route for dealing with orders including multiple items Environmental Considerations: 1.Activating stuff Life expectancy system 2.Analyzing and controlling environment conditions for instance temperature and moisture 3.Focusing on stuff movement or falling