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Nov. 14, 2022 Nov. 14, 2022
Technologies :

Tadbir Platform, is developed to control and monitoring the gas transmission sites between Iran and Iraq. Monitoring sites has specific IP and location is illustrated on map. The state of a site being activated or not would be pictorialized on the map.

Tadbir platform divided into two parts: SNMP server: This part is responsible for checking the sensors and processes as an instance getting the sensor information and setting the outputs by taking advantage of SNMP protocol.

Web Panel: Showing the information, getting the site reports and displaying expired notification. Ability of defining the scenario is a part of panel options; scenarios would be defined under some conditions and as result of them various actions would be done. For example, if smoke sensor is turned on and temperature of temperature sensor goes beyond declared range, air conditioners should be turned off and smoke outlet fan should be on, respectively.

The possibility of checking sensors on the site based on the physical location and even the status of sensors and elements would be monitored momentary. The situation of sensors whether is active or not, the last figured reported from SNMP, shape and name of sensors would be shown just by hovering on their icon.

You have the ability of assigning scenarios on multiple sites, scheduling for running them so as in particular cases scenario being checked. In process of running a scenario in addition, safety and security preparations would be automatic presented to operators and related custodians Exporting reports from available data has been taken into account in this system, having various filters via this practical platform is another precious feature