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Sept. 11, 2022 Sept. 11, 2022
Technologies :

Trove is a platform that enables you ordering foods online in MarketPlace style; it means that the seller and customer get in touch, when food is ordered the customer would be able to receive the food in assigned deadline by seller. Trove is based on two Application one is ready to use for customers anotherfor sellers

Sellers must fill out required information Such as Address, Bank account etc. they must be authenticated by Trov support team after registration they can add their dishes, prices and food delivery time. Hence, they can be ready to sell the dishes Customers also after signing up would be able to look for foods on map selecting the number of items they want at the end payment process then customers wait the delivery time occurs then they must refer to seller position

Nowadays Trov platform is being developed to use in America for restaurants. Stripe Platform for customer payment process and monitoring the account status for sellers. Using OneSignal Platform For Pushing Notification in various circumstances for instance notifying the situation of purchasing to seller and customer. Adding new follower to the seller and notifying the followers about new items that been added, etc