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Car pavement surface
Sept. 13, 2022 Sept. 13, 2022
Technologies :

In this project efforts have been made to localize pavement surface information retrieval system which has already been madein Germany The system includes accelerometer sensors, GPS, laser and encoder.It gathers information in an ARM board and the data has been defined by a Baud Rate then would be transferred to the software installed in laptop.

Resolution of cameras which is being used in this system is 1200 * 1600 pixels, the speed of their shots are 30 frame per second. It also has a vibration controller is covered by 97ip protocol that allows you to shot in rough situations with best quality. With these shots we would be able to repair the pavement surface damages.

linear profile gauge has two first international class lasers with frequency 70 kHz which connects the linear profile gauge and coarse pavement texture under the car wheels. The laser of profile resolution is 0.01 mm and would be able to find out the international indicator of roughness with 1cm per km accuracy and for coarse texture in each milimeter.