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Oct. 12, 2022 Oct. 12, 2022
Technologies :

Goldiba webapp project is developed so as to be able for online marketing. Goldiba Website deals with over 10000 users and 500 customer daily. Goldiba’s customer first add their arbitrary item to the cart then as a result of specifying the address and the information you would have the ability of submitting the order and purchasing.

Goldiba website is designed in two parts the one for the admin and another related to the user The admin part has the authority over communications between operator and manager Items, their specifications, collection and price or whether is available or ran out would be added by Goldiba’s operators Customers would search for an item or fetch it in main page then can add it to cart The admin status pictorially summarizes the statistics of ordered items and even ability of filtering various datetime is provided Even, the ability to approve or deny the ordered items and their status